While most people are familiar with Berry Bros & Rudd as a wine merchant, it’s perhaps less well known that they have also played an important role in the world of independent spirits bottling – especially Scotch Whisky and indeed Berry Bros & Rudd have a strong claim to be the oldest bottler still in existence.

Founded in 1698 at No.3 St. James’s St, the business has been bottling spirits since the 18th century, most likely beginning with Cognac and other brandies.   While Berry Bros also offered Blended Whisky in the early 19th centuary, they were one of the first merchants to also offer non-proprietary bottlings of single malt...  If you were to walk into No.3 St James’s in 1909 you would have been presented with a price list featuring 1885 Talisker, then a triple distilled malt, or 1897 Macallan, the latter available by the gallon for 28 shillings!  

Berry Bros have continued to bottle whisky, rum and cognac ever since, and now export globally under the Berrys Own Selection label.  Berry’s remain scrupulous in their cask selection and have been awarded the accolade of Independent Bottler of the Year twice."

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