With a combined total of more than 50 years in the industry, there’s no-one better to show you how to invest in the perfect whisky than TWE co-founder Sukhinder Singh and Whisky.Auction director Isabel Graham-Yooll. 

In this blind tasting, Sukhinder and Isabel will pour a selection of great investment drams, and examine what makes a whisky a successful investment. Without a label to tell you what each dram is, you’ll be relying on your nose and taste buds to pull apart the whiskies and understand what makes them tick.

They’ll dig deep into the world of whisky investment, touching on valuable topics including the real importance of age, the hard-to-navigate world of Japanese whisky, shifting trends, sherry monsters, and how to spot an undervalued bottle. But most of all, they’ll be focusing on the most important thing – what the whisky tastes like.

Please note this will be a blind tasting. 

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