Established in St. James’s, London in 1749, Justerini & Brooks began looking after their first private customers in imperial India in 1858, New York in 1866, Hong Kong in 1976 and Singapore in 1982. Justerini & Brooks now looks after customers in forty-nine countries around the world.


Justerini & Brooks’ relationship with whisky stretches back through the generations. In the late 19th century, just as the devastating effects of the Phylloxera louse were causing wine and brandy shortages in Britain, Justerinis was to score a marketing masterstroke by pioneering a new breed of blended whisky. In creating a dram that was smoother and more palatable than the powerful single malts found in the North, Justerinis positioned itself as a pivotal player in the new found appreciation of fine whisky by the English gentry; fuelling a boom in whisky drinking, both in the UK, and once prohibition had ended, in the United States. It wasn’t long before Justerinis’ house blend ‘J&B Rare’ was conquering markets around the world.

To this day, its relationships with the great Scottish distilleries continues to flourish - their access to Scotland’s finest casks is unrivalled.


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