Joseph Hyman – Specialist, Fine Spirits
Joseph Hyman – Specialist, Fine Spirits

Founded more than four decades ago, Skinner is an auctioneer with a wide remit, selling everything from furniture and art to whisky and fine spirits. The company runs more than 60 auctions a year, with whisky sales curated by Joseph Hyman.

Joseph is an experienced auctioneer and fine spirits specialist, with more than 15 years of experience working at auction houses in the field. He will be bringing a range of old and rare bottlings seldom seen at whisky shows, gathered during his work as a rare spirits specialist.

Preliminary Line-Up Bottles and prices subject to change

  • Smith's Grand Liqueur

    Smith's Grand Liqueur £10 per 1CL

  • 1885 Scotch Whisky

    1885 Scotch Whisky £35 per 1CL

  • Good Old Guckenheimer

    Good Old Guckenheimer £20 per 1CL

  • Atherton

    Atherton £8 per 1CL

  • Old Fitzgerald 1965 6YO

    Old Fitzgerald 1965 6YO £8 per 1CL

  • Balvenie 1974 25YO

    Balvenie 1974 25YO £10 per 1CL

  • Malcolm Fraser 12YO c. 1940s

    Malcolm Fraser 12YO c. 1940s £4 per 1CL

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