Each year, the TWE team release a range of limited-edition whiskies, specially selected and bottled by The Whisky Exchange for the Whisky Show in London.

For the Whisky Show: Old and Rare, we went one step further and sourced a great range of whiskies distilled in the 1980’s and 1990’s and bottled exclusively for the show. These whiskies were all extremely rare, with very limited supply, and were available on a first come first served basis at the Whisky Show: Old and Rare. With Highland, Speyside and Islay whiskies available, there was something to suit everyone’s tastes:

  • Balblair 1986, Cask Strength, G&M
  • Glenrothes 1986, Cask Strength, G&M
  • Caol Ila 1984, Single Malts of Scotland Director’s Special
  • Signatory Glen Garioch 1990, 26YO

Balblair 1986, Cask Strength, G&M

Balblair 1986, Cask Strength, G&M

Nose: Waxed lemons and spiced sponge-cake batter lead the nose – an in-progress lemon-drizzle cake. Sweet honeysuckle and barley sugar follow, with dried banana and rolled oats. Sweetness builds: porridge with a drizzle of golden syrup, hints of spicy wood resin and sweet wax polish. After a few minutes in the glass, more citrus develops: flamed orange zest.

Taste: Juicy and sweet at first, with freshly squeezed oranges and lemons covered in butter icing. Spice and resinous notes build, balancing the sweetness, and lemon zest is backed up by Hobnob biscuits and Stroopwaffel. Spice builds towards the end: liquorice root, clove and hot cinnamon.

Finish: The spice lingers, and poached lemons, damp oak and spiced cookie dough develop. As things fade, the oak and lemon remain.

Glenrothes 1986, Cask Strength, G&M

Glenrothes 1986, Cask Strength, G&M

Nose: Initially sweet and intense: toffee, caramel sauce, tablet and fudge roll out the glass. Fragrant notes of oaky incense notes and sweet leather hints sit underneath, with a floral and delicate centre. Before things get too sweet, old oak appears, with wax polish and damp-forest rancio touches.

Taste: Nutty and spicy to start, with hazelnuts and cinnamon dipped in toffee. Intense toffee sweetness and cinnamon spice calm to reveal candied lemon and orange, damp oak and brown sugar. Leather and charred notes sit at the back.

Finish: Floral sweetness fades away slowly, leaving nutmeg, brown sugar and bitter orange zest.

Signatory Glen Garioch 1990, 26YO

Signatory Glen Garioch 1990, 26YO

Nose: Freshly polished oak tables and piles of orchard fruit – fragrantly ripe apples and pears. Barley sugar and fruity boiled sweets bring up the rear, with accompanying spiced vanilla sponge cake and a hint of cream.

Palate: Big spice to start: pine, nutmeg, incense sticks and some barrel-char smokiness. Bitter orange peel follows, leading into a green and leafy core, with spiced stewed apples. Aniseed balls and liquorice sit at the back, with oatcakes and spiced fruit loaf.

Finish: Barley-sugar sweetness, singed raisins and baked apples fade to leave apples and spice.

Caol Ila 1984, Single Malts of Scotland Director’s Special

Nose: Damp ash, apples and sea spray to start, with tarry ropes and bandages following on behind. Sweetness builds, balanced by damp earth notes and peaty smoke, with barley sugar and singed foam bananas.

Taste: Very sweet off the bat, with honey-drizzled apples and marshmallows. Slowly the marshmallows get toasted and hints of charcoal smoke rise up through the middle. Sweet herbal notes sit at the back – mint and tarragon.

Finish: Medicinal smoke and charcoal fade to leave baked apples and wine gums.

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