The Whisky Exchange unequivocally promotes and encourages responsible drinking by all visitors to both the physcial and virtual show. 

  • Show Etiquette

    Think Quality, not Quantity

    The show is about fun and education, not excess. For the enjoyment of all, we encourage visitors to drink responsibly. Spittoons will be provided and safety stewards will be on hand at all times. Exhibitors and show organisers will refuse service to anyone they believe to have consumed excessively.

    Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

    Water is readily available at the show and guests are encouraged to take regular breaks from tasting to rehydrate. A two-course meal is included in the ticket price but we advise everyone to eat before arriving at the venue.

    Respect the Whisky and Each Other

    We take pride in the fact that Old & Rare is a safe and convivial environment in which to enjoy fine spirits. Anyone displaying disruptive or offensive behaviour will be asked to leave. No re-admittance will be allowed for guests who have been ejected from the show and no refunds will be given. 

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