• Bihan Yang

    Bihan Yang

    After establishing his own bar in Beijing where he regularly hosts rare whisky tastings with his own club, Bihan has continued to expand his collection and knowledge of old and rare whiskies.

    With special attention paid to his favourite distillery: Dalmore. Passionate about whisky from a young age, Bihan is one of a new emerging generation of collectors and enthusiasts who look to the lessons and inspirations of older style whiskies to inform his ideas about Scotch Whisky's future. This is Bihan's first show in the UK as an exhibitor and he'll be showcasing some truly stunning rarities. 

  • C. Dully Selection

    C. Dully Selection

    The company was founded in direct response to the changing nature of the whisky world, with the aim of sourcing and bottling exceptional casks of whisky and other spirits that appeal to the whisky lover’s palate.

    Everything the company bottles is selected based on Christian, Rachael, and Pascal’s preferred styles of spirit, and is chosen primarily for the palate of the whisky drinker, i.e. bourbon bottled for someone who primarily drinks single malt, rather than bourbon for someone who primarily drinks bourbon.

    Christian and Pascal have been hosting tastings of Old and Rare whiskies in Zurich since 2016, with guests flying in from as far away as the United States in order to attend.

    The Line-Up will contain bottles from Christian and Pascal’s personal collections as well as bottlings that they have chosen together for C. Dully Selection.

  • Catawiki Auctions

    Catawiki Auctions

    Started in 2008 as a website for storing catalogues of collections in wiki form, Catawiki has since grown to be a multi-headed auction site, offering its services to specialist collectors in a whole range of different areas.

    While the company serves many interests, its whisky auctions are among the most successful in Europe. With a range of well-known whisky experts administering the auctions – including wine and whisky lead Jeroen Koetsier, who will be at the Old & Rare show – the company's lots cover the whole gamut of whisky, from recent, limited releases to incredibly old and hard to find bottles.

    Catawiki will be at the show to talk about auctioning whisky and pour some great drams from times gone by.

  • David Stirk

    David Stirk

    For nearly 20 years, David Stirk has been talking, writing, travelling, making, selling, bottling and drinking all things whisky.

    David started his whisky career writing for Whisky Magazine and running global sales for indie bottler Wm Cadenhead. But in 2005, David set out on his own and founded the Creative Whisky Company. For 13 years he bottled an award-winning range of whiskies, as well as a some gin, and helped build the new wave of indie bottlers in Scotland.

    If you ask him really nicely, he might even sign a copy of his book about Campbeltown for you.

  • Dornoch Castle Hotel

    Dornoch Castle Hotel

    An actual castle, Dornoch Castle Hotel dominates the centre of the eponymous highland town. While Dornoch may be better known for its golf course, the hotel has become a destination for lovers of old and rare whisky.

    The bar specialises in old and hard to find whiskies, offering a wide range from the more commonplace to some of the rarest drams of the past century. Obsessively curated by whisky experts Phil and Simon Thompson – who have also opened a distillery on site – the bar constantly has new bottlings to offer, and we are very pleased to welcome Dornoch Castle to the Old & Rare show as exhibitors.


  • Elixir Distillers

    Elixir Distillers

    Elixir Distillers core brands are Port Askaig, Elements of Islay, Single Malts of Scotland and Black Tot. 

    Port Askaig is a range of Islay single malt whiskies that embodies the unique spirit of Islay and its people. There is no distillery in the town of Port Askaig, which gives them the opportunity to select the finest casks from distilleries around Islay and enables you to make your own journey of discovery. Port Askaig whiskies are always elegant and characterful, and epitomise the essence of Islay. 

    Elements of Islay is a range of iconic, small-batch, independently bottled whiskies. The range celebrates the diversity of whiskies that make Islay special, with a focus on the medicinal, smoky, elemental character of the island's whiskies. To maintain their personality, they are not chill-filtered and no colouring is added. 

    Seeking out the finest single casks of Scotch whisky has always been at the heart of the team's philosophy. Since 2005, these have been released as The Single Malts of Scotland, a range of superb vintage single malt Scotch whiskies selected for their individual quality and character.

  • Fiddler's Loch Ness

    Fiddler's Loch Ness

    Fiddler's is a bar, restaurant, cafe and hotel, situated in the centre of Drumnadrochit on the banks of Loch Ness, all enthusiastically run by Jon Beach and his family.

    Jon is a long standing collector of Port Ellen and all round enthusiast for old style whiskies. The range of whiskies at Fiddler's shows this enthusiasm, with modern whiskies from around the world sat alongside older and rarer bottlings. He has also been jointly responsible for some of the most remarkable rare whisky events in Scotland in recent years, helping to organise legendary trips with some of the world's best-known collectors.

    We're delighted to welcome him to the show. He'll be bringing a fine and varied selection of drams from his own collection, so be sure to stop by his stand. 

  • Geert Bero

    Geert Bero

    Geert has been passionate about whisky for nearly twenty years, and his family owns and runs the Hotel Bero in Ostende, Belgium. As you would expect, the hotel has a well-stocked whisky bar.

    Geert is also a member of longstanding Belgian whisky club The Lindores Whisky Society, who endeavour to unearth rare and incredible whiskies. He will be bringing a selection of delicious drams from his collection to pour at the show.


  • Golden Promise Whisky Bar

    Golden Promise Whisky Bar

    In a snug and cosy atmosphere conducive to tasting, this hidden venue offers two separate rooms. The first is dedicated to whisky cocktails, while the second is reserved for tasting rare whiskies. There are more than 1,000 bottles on offer, most of which are practically unobtainable.

    There are the single malts of course, with an amazing collection of Scotch and old Japanese whiskies, but also old pure malts and blended whiskies. Each, in its own way, demonstrates the savoir-faire of bygone times.

  • Gordon & MacPhail

    Gordon & MacPhail

    On 24 May 1895, a new grocers shop opened on South Street in Elgin. One of the first new employees was John Urquhart, a 15-year-old who was serving his apprenticeship under owners James Gordon and Alexander MacPhail. When MacPhail retired in 1915, Urquhart became a partner and then sole partner when Gordon passed away two weeks later. Since then, his family has run the company.

    With the fourth generation now in charge, Gordon & MacPhail continues to grow. While the grocers is still on South Street, it is the company's whisky business that is its focus. Along with an award-winning and widely respected range of single cask bottlings, G&M also owns Benromach distillery and produces a wide range of single malt expressions.

    With such a long history behind it, G&M has some of the most impressive archives in the whisky business. With almost 100 years of bottlings available to them, we look forward to seeing what they will bring along to the Old & Rare show.

  • Hideo Yamaoka

    Hideo Yamaoka

    Hideo Yamaoka not only has an apartment in Tokyo for his stellar whisky collection, he also has one of the most impressive palates.

    Hideo is able to identify whiskies blind with a success rate that has earned him The Spirit of Speyside's Best Nose award and he's won the Feis Ile nosing competition on numerous occasions.


  • Justerini & Brooks

    Justerini & Brooks

    Established in St. James’s, London in 1749, Justerini & Brooks began looking after their first private customers in India in 1858, New York in 1866, Hong Kong in 1976 and Singapore in 1982. Justerini & Brooks now exports to customers in forty-nine countries around the world.

    Justerini & Brooks’ relationship with whisky stretches back through the generations. In the late 19th century, just as the devastating effects of Phylloxera were causing wine and brandy shortages in Europe, Justerinis started pioneering a new breed of blended whisky, J&B Rare. This eponymous brand remains an institution in bars, clubs, restaurants and drinks cabinets around the globe.  

    More recently, they have used their unique access to 29 of Scotland’s most revered distilleries, including: Port Ellen, Brora, Talisker and Lagavulin, to supply customers with “one-off” casks. Whether you would like to build the ultimate collection, source unique bottles, locate limited edition trophy malts, or buy or sell Cask of Distinction bottlings through their broking team, Justerini & Brooks offers an unrivalled service to the whisky connoisseur.

  • Magnus Fagerström

    Magnus Fagerström

    Though his collection started with BenRiach, Magnus decided to diversify when, in 2012 he had completed his collection and owned every distillery bottling ever produced!  Magnus is known in Sweden for arranging legendary tastings, perhaps most notably the "100 BenRiach Tasting" in 2014; 100 different BenRiach bottles were opened and sampled over 2 days; among them 94 single casks!


  • Skinner Auctions

    Skinner Auctions

    Founded more than four decades ago, Skinner is an auctioneer with a wide remit, selling everything from furniture and art to whisky and fine spirits. The company runs more than 60 auctions a year, with whisky sales curated by Joseph Hyman.

    Joseph is an experienced auctioneer and fine spirits specialist, with more than 15 years of experience working at auction houses in the field. He will be bringing a range of old and rare bottlings seldom seen at whisky shows, gathered during his work as a rare spirits specialist.

  • The Auld Alliance

    The Auld Alliance

    The Auld Alliance opened in 2010, and is part of an ongoing new frontier of old and rare whisky in Singapore and wider Asian market in general.

    Founded by Emmanuel Dron, the bar offers guests the opportunity to taste some of the rarest and most sought after whiskies on the planet, as well as the chance to buy bottles. Emmanuel is an avid collector himself and has managed to accumulate some remarkable whiskies through his connections with collectors and old bottle specialists.

    The Auld Alliance will be presenting some of its impressive stocks outside the bar, and the bottles Emmanuel has decided to bring are nothing short of excellent. Please note that the below list is subject to change.

  • The Whisky Exchange

    The Whisky Exchange

    The company is run by brothers, Sukhinder and Rajbir, and the two started out as collectors before founding the company.

    Their passion for collecting whisky is clearly evident in the range of whiskies and spirits that they offer online.  There is an ever-changing range of over 2000 old and rare whiskies on the website, and they have picked out a special selection from their own collection to present at the show. 

  • Tomislav Ruszkowski

    Tomislav Ruszkowski

    Think of Croatia and you’ll more likely bring to mind wine and truffles before old style Scotch Whisky. However, Tomislav Ruszkowski - ‘Tom’ to his friends - has been an influential collector, enthusiast and educator on the subject in his home town of Zagreb for some years now.

    After first getting bitten by the whisky bug on a trip to Scotland in the early 2000s, Tom has slowly built a beautiful and intricate selection of bottles. Regularly hosting tastings with importers and his local whisky club, he’s a passionate ambassador for Scotch Whisky of all types and eras. However, in his first appearance as an exhibitor outside Croatia, he’ll be showcasing many beautiful hidden gem, old and rare bottlings from his stash. 

  • Whisky Auctioneer

    Whisky Auctioneer

    Whisky Auctioneer aims to be the global market leader and trusted authority on the buying and selling of whisky and spirits at auction. 

    Whisky Auctioneer utilise their expertise and knowledge combined with their online auction platform to increase interest and passion in whisky and spirits, making the market more accessible for buyers and sellers of any background and geography.

    Iain McClune and his team have selected some wonderful whiskies for the Old & Rare show to represent the quality and diversity available within their regular monthly auctions. This includes a 1965 Clynelish The Gillies Club Single Cask, a ludicrously rare exclusive bottling which has hardly been seen or tasted outwith The Gillies Club itself.

  • Whisky.Auction


    Founded in March 2015, Whisky.Auction has quickly made a name for itself as one of the best places to buy and sell hard-to-find bottles.

    The Whisky.Auction team will be at the show and available to discuss buying and selling whisky at auction.

  • WhiskyBrother


    WhiskyBrother (established in 2012) is a dedicated whisky company providing South African whisky lovers with all their whisky needs. The store boasts the largest selection of whisky for retail in South Africa with over 600 available whiskies, including several exclusive single cask releases each year.

    In 2017 the WhiskyBrother Bar was opened as a 2nd location, and today offers a selection of over 1,300 whiskies from 20 different countries with a strong focus on Scotch, Japanese and American. The selection offers standard releases from the last decade, 100s of independent bottlers and old and rare releases from bygone years and distilleries. 

  • Whisky-Online Auctions

    Whisky-Online Auctions

    Whisky-Online is a family-run whisky merchant based in Blackpool conducted by Wayne & Harrison Ormerod. Starting as a off-licence in 1990, the company quickly moved into the world of whisky and has long been a specialist in old and rare bottlings.

    The idea behind the selection of whiskies Harrison puts together for the Old & Rare Show is to open bottles that are not ready available anywhere else in the World; and often includes examples never sampled by the even the most diehard of aficionado.

    Whisky-Online opened its auction website in 2012 and since then has grown to be one of the leading online whisky auctioneers in the world, bringing a remarkable range of old, rare & obscure whiskies to the market. We're delighted to welcome the company to the Whisky Show Old & Rare and look forward to the rare treats that will be on display from their archives.

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