This year’s Whisky Show theme is ‘The Art of Whisky’. Whether that is the art of distillation, experimentation or of blending, The Art of Whisky represents the devotion, craft and skill that it takes to produce this revered spirit.

With new methods and innovations revolutionising the whisky industry, the show is the perfect opportunity to hear from those who make whisky and what drives them forward. Our masterclasses and demo stage will focus on different aspects of The Art of Whisky.

Physical art is an important aspect for whisky. Many brands have collaborated with artists to express their stories through the medium of painting, photography and drawing. Examples will be on display throughout the show, as well as in our Show Gallery – our very own art gallery curated for whisky.

Whisky encompasses science and art – and we will be celebrating these two elements that go hand in hand to get that hallowed dram into our hands.

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