While 2015’s show was all about Legends of Whisky past and present, in 2016 we celebrated those who have made a lasting impact on the industry. We wanted to invite the masters of their craft who have dedicated their life to whisky, but we also to champion the whiskies they have made – their masterpieces. Our masterclasses for 2016 featured some of these amazing whiskies – so rarely seen open to taste. Black Bowmore, Glenfarclas 60 Year Old and 1938 White Horse were just three of the exciting whiskies opened at the show for masterclasses or poured as a Dream Dram.

2016 was a year of milestones for so many of those in whisky, with both Richard Paterson and Eddie MacAffer celebrating 50 years in the industry and David Turner enjoying 25 years at Bowmore.  It’s so rare to see these people in one room at the same time, making moments like this exceptionally special.

‘Over the years, I have been privileged to sample many thousands of whiskies and it is a very rare moment when I taste a whisky so exceptional I wish to keep it all for myself. However, I believe such masterpieces are made for sharing’ Sukhinder Singh, Director

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