The Isle of Arran is known as ‘Scotland in Miniature’, with lochs, glens and castles galore condensed within 56 miles of its shore. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the island was famed for what was known as its ‘Arran water’ – in fact, in its heyday of illicit distilling, there were more than 50 distilleries on the island. Arran is currently more well known for its mountain peaks and beautiful coastline and, since 1998, for Arran whisky, which has established a strong fan base around the world.

Arran distillery uses traditional methods of production and its fruity style is a result of the low temperatures used for fermentation and distillation. The distillery has had a huge run of success since its humble beginnings and is now concentrating further afield in markets such as Asia and the Americas.

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