Mariella Romano, Arran’s global brand ambassador has followed her love of whisky all the way from Italy to Scotland, and now spends her time spreading the good word of the Isle of Arran Distillery far and wide around the world.

Arran was founded in 1995 and has retained its status as truly independent and Scottish-owned, all while being a key part of the small island community. While the distillery is relatively young in the grand scheme of whisky history, cask experiments and its whisky’s always-elegant character has meant Arran’s name is already known worldwide.

Join Mariella as she brings Arran’s tasty food and drink to the heart of London for a delicious pairing session.

  • Arran Single Malt 10yo – Arran Oaties, Arran Apple and Ale Chutney with Arran Whisky infused Arran Cheddar
  • Arran Single Malt Quarter Cask – James of Arran Ginger Marzipan Chocolates
  • Arran Single Malt Sherry Cask – James of Arran Soft Caramel & Hazelnut Chocolates
  • Arran Single Malt 18yo – Arran Oaties, Cinnamon infused Honey with Raspberry Infused Cranberries Arran Cheddar
  • Arran Single Malt Surprise Dram – James of Arran Orange Cream Chocolates


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