The Cuthbert family have been farming barley in Fife for six generations. However, in 2003 they decided to make the move into whisky making and were granted a license in 2005. Since then, distiller Francis Cuthbert has been making spirit and laying it down to mature.

Unlike most distilleries, Daftmill stuck to its guns and declared that no whisky would be released until it was ready for the prime time. Fortunately for us, in 2018 Francis finally decided that the whisky was ready, and released the first bottling.

The distillery is tiny, and doesn't produce at full capacity, fitting in distillation around Francis's work farming. This leads to summer and winter distilling seasons, and the whiskies from the distillery will be released as small batches based on those seasons. At the time of writing, the second release, the summer 2006 vintage, has been announced and we look forward to trying Francis's spirit at the show.

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