Sensory experiences, new takes on the whisky-making process, brain-baffling experiments and, most importantly, great drinks were discovered.

Guests discover how the future of whisky will look, smell, taste and sound with the Future Trends Lab – it was a world of innovation in one room.

The Labs

Lab 1: Breaking with tradition

All Scotch is whisky but not all whisky is Scotch. Join Compass Box and Glen Moray for an exclusive preview of two exciting new innovations breaking the boundaries of what Scotch whisky can be.

Lab 2: Non-Alcoholic Whisky

More and more young people are abstaining from drinking alcohol, but where will this leave the whisky industry? Discover the role non-alcoholic whisky might play in future cocktails with London whisky bar, Black Rock. 

Lab 3: Scottish Botanical Spirit

Combining the worlds of Scotch and gin is a burgeoning breed of usquebaugh – single malt spirit infused with local botanicals. Join Lindores and Ncn’ean to discover why this traditional, centuries-old precursor to whisky is due a revival.

Lab 4: Scotch Anti-Snobbery

New whisky drinkers aren’t impressed by traditional tartan and twee, and don’t want to be told how to drink their Scotch. That’s where Whisky-Me comes in, delivering drams and smiles around the UK in colourful, quirky pouches. Make sure to pick up your free dram in the Future Trends Lab.

Lab 5: Sensory Transportation Room

Whisky isn’t just a winter’s drink, or something to be enjoyed only by a crackling fire. Let magically transport you from London to a far-off time and place, where you’ll discover there’s a whisky for every occasion.

Lab 6: New World Rye

North America has long been the mothership of the rye whiskey world, but now a new wave of distillers from across Europe are exploring this grain’s bold, peppery personality. Discover a new world of rye whisky from Denmark, England and Finland, and become one of the first to try maturing rye spirit from Scotland with Kyro, Stauning, English Whisky Co and InchDairnie.

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