It all started with Alasdair Day's great-grandfather's cellar book. A blender before the second world war, he left detailed notes on how he made his whiskies. When Alasdair inherited the book he set about recreating the Tweeddale Whisky, and started a journey into the world of whisky.

The success of Tweeddale led to grander designs, and Raasay & Borders was born – a company built around the idea of two distilleries: one on the isle of Raasay, just off the coast of Skye, and another in the borders. The two would be able to supply the core whiskies for the company's Tweeddale Blend, as well as their own releases.

The project is now in full flow, with Raasay built and producing spirit that is being laid down to mature. With a range of whiskies available, sourced from other distilleries and showing fans what R&B hope to produce once the whisky is mature, the future is bright.

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