The main stage is the place to find free session - Q&A's, mini masterclasses, demonstrations and more. Here's what was on at the 2019 show: 


12.30-1pm – Indie Bottlers: Whisky's Future?
with Oliver Chilton, Des McCagherty, Alex Bruce and Sukhinder Singh

1.30-2pm – Terroir of Peat
with Dr Kirstie McCallum, Anthony Wills, Martin Markvardsen and Alex Huskinson

2.30-3pm – Making America Great Again
with Jared Himstedt, Matt Hoffman, Pete Lynch and Chris Bolton

3.30-4pm – Art of Blending
with Stuart Morrison and Aimée Morrison

4.30-5pm – Rum: Tropical Ageing
with Luca Gargano, Richard Seale, Zan Kong and Dawn Davies

5.30-6pm – Evolution of the Cask
with Becky Paskin  


12.30-1pm – Finishing School
with Alexandre Gabriel, Nick Savage, Scott Adamson and Billy Abbott

1.30-2pm – Sherry Casks
with Richard Paterson, Richard Seale and Dawn Davies

2.30-3pm – Evolution of the Cask
with Becky Paskin

3.30-4pm – Legent
with Fred Noe and Shinji Fukuyo

4.30-5pm – The Highball
with Ali Reynolds

5.30-6pm – Cask Experimentation: New Frontiers
with Billy Leighton, Gregg Glass, Dhavall Gandhi and Dave Broom


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