In its landmark tenth year, The Whisky Show celebrates the Future of Whisky theme with three limited edition bottlings of Ben Nevis, Ledaig and Invergordon, all using lenticular labels to bring the bottles to life. 

In what is believed to be a first for whisky bottles, lenticular printing gives each label a feeling of depth and movement, as well as helping each whisky embrace the show theme. The whiskies are presented as ‘Past Future’ (what we thought the future would be in the past), ‘Present Future’ (what we presently think the future will be), and ‘The Future’ (what we think the future might be in the future!). 

The whiskies will be available to taste at the show bottlings stand (no. 68) and also available to buy at the show exclusively via The Whisky Exchange shop.

There are still three more 10th Anniversary bottlings to be announced, which will be made public in the coming week.

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