Guadeloupe has long had the reputation of having one of the best terroir for sugarcane cultivation. The Bellevue Distillery in the village of Le Moule was created by Mr Rimbaud at the end of he 19th century.

In 1942, Roger Damoiseau bought the distillery and created the brand of Rhum Damoiseau. It is currently run by his grandson, Hervé Damoiseau.

Damoiseau rhums are made with 100% first-pressed aromatic and flavourful sugarcane juice that are extracted by pressing quality estate grown sugarcane. After being distilled, the rhum is stored in ex-bourbon oak barrels to mature in the tropical climate.

"Each of the Damoiseau products has a soul and a history. We wish to give the consumer the opportunity to share and experiment with our values and to taste our products that are created in the traditional way."

- Hervé Damoiseau

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