The M&H joined forces with the late Dr. Jim Swan, a world-renowned master distiller, who consulted with several leading distilleries in the world, including M&H. Jim guided Israel’s first whisky distillery throughout the setup process, formulating the recipe, specifying the equipment and selecting the raw materials.

M&H’s casks are selected after a meticulous screening process and with thought and planning for years ahead. The distillery sits in the heart of Tel Aviv – Israel’s cultural and culinary hub. 

The climate plays an important role in the characteristics of the M&H whisky. High temperatures and humidity characterize the Israeli climate during most of the year, which allows M&H whisky to mature relatively quickly.  When a whisky is three to four years old, it feels far more mature and complex than its age. The overall climate in Israel sees four different climate zones, providing room to experiment from mountainous Safred to muggy Beit Shean, to the hills of Jerusalem to the Negev Desert and the Dead Sea.

The M&H distillery has released 4 different whiskies in the past year:


A single malt made using the finest ex-bourbon casks and special red-wine STR casks, giving it a light and balanced character.

The ELEMENSTS series

A composition of flavors and aromas assembled from meticulously selected casks that bring forward characters enhanced by the casks' wood, origin, and history.

Each expression in this series begins with the M&H CLASSIC Single Malt Whisky and complemented with whisky matured in a variety of hand-picked, superlative and quality oak casks, culminating in a beautiful natural color, impressive flavors and a well-balanced single malt.


The M&H team traveled all the way to Jerez, Spain to procure kosher Oloroso and PX sherry made especially for them. The sherry casks cultivate the whisky's robust flavors of red fruit and dark chocolate.


The Atlantic meets the Mediterranean. Casks from Islay, that soaked in smoky aromas and salty flavors, were chosen for The Elements Peated: a delicate, rather mellow, and lightly peated whisky.


Ex-red wine casks that were sourced from Israel's finest wineries were picked for this Elements edition. The wine casks are a celebration of local terroir, curating a floral single malt with notes of raisins.

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