Take true passion for single malt whisky, add the boldness and cutting-edge innovation that the Israeli startup ecosystem is famous for, mix it with no-compromising commitment to craftmanship and tradition, and you get M&H, Israel's first whisky distillery.

We started with a dream about a thriving distillery that produces world-class spirits. Stepping into terra incognita, we knew that this was going to be a long journey full of twists and turns, but we never doubted it would be worth it. And we were right.

From the beginning we have been aiming for the best: craft enticing spirits to sip after a day at work, at home or in the neighborhood bar, and special editions to be savored in celebrations. We tested ingredients, experimented with the recipes and traveled the world to select the most suitable casks. We hired the late Dr Jim Swan, one of the world's most accomplished master distillers and an expert in hot climate distillation and maturation, as an advisor.
 Compromise is never an option. We pursue perfection in every aspect, from our custom-made traditional copper pot stills to quality control throughout the process. And of course, we built an outstanding team of enthusiastic people who make everything happen.

Israel's 300 sunny days in an average year and the Mediterranean climate are our greatest advantage. Hot climate maturation means that our whisky ages rapidly, yet significantly gracefully. Our country's geographical diversity is our playground. We leave selected casks to soak the unique terroir of the country and bring new flavors into our single malt.



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