Girvan distillery
Girvan distillery

While these three are lesser known names in Grant’s range of popular whiskies, they are also key parts of the company’s whisky making strategy.

Girvan is Grant’s grain distillery, producing not only the core components of the flagship Grant’s blend, but also a range of award-winning single grain whiskies.

Ailsa Bay was until recently a relatively secret distillery, producing single malt destined for blends and Monkey Shoulder blended malt. In late 2015 a limited edition smoky single malt, the distillery’s first official release, hit the market to much fanfare and acclaim.

Rare Cask Reserves is the name given to the company’s extensive archives of single malts, both from their own distilleries and others around Scotland. While most is used for blending, outstanding casks are selected and released on their own, as well as combined with others to create the company’s rarest whiskies.

You can find the full list of exhibitors here.

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