Luca Gargano is a living legend in the rum world. CEO of Velier and discoverer of some of the world's rarest rums, as well as an incredible storyteller, he is one of the most sought after speakers about cane spirits.

He started his rum journey in the 1970s as an ambassador for St James rum, but moved into becoming more corporate in his mid-twenties when he became marketing director for Spirit S.p.a, Italy's largest importer of spirits. However, in 1983 he started the current chapter of his career when he bought into family-run importer Velier.

Velier has expanded over the years and become well known for its rum offerings. Luca has been behind the acquisition of incredibly rare rums for the company, including the last known stocks of spirit from Caroni, closed since 2002 and now one of the most sought after rums in the world. He has also worked with distilleries across the Caribbean to create new rums, including Bielle on Marie Galante, where his own Rhum Rhum spirit is made.

Luca is also the creator of the Gargano Classification of rum, trying to introduce some order to the often confused world of rum.

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