Pennsylvania was one of the first parts of America to be settled by Europeans, and with the settlers came distillation. Using rye, the local grain, they started the traditions of whiskey making that were later carried around the country. However, Prohibition in the 1920s and 1930s killed the industry and it didn't recover after the repeal.

Dad's Hat are bringing back Pennsylvania Rye. Using locally grown rye and an 80% rye mash bill, Dad's Hat balances history against modern distilling techniques to create a range of great whiskeys.

The distillery has worked with Michigan State University to put together its recipe and its double distillation. An old-fashioned pot still and a modern side column allow the distiller to tweak the distillation process and create a range of spirits. After careful ageing and blending, straight rye whiskey emerges.

With an eye to experimentation, the Dad's Hat range offers a variety of styles, all focused on one thing – good, old-fashioned Pennsylvania rye whiskey.

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