Craighouse – home of the Isle of Jura's distillery
Craighouse – home of the Isle of Jura's distillery

Situated on opposite sides of Scotland, Jura and Dalmore are very different distilleries. The former is sat in the tiny town of Craighouse, the main settlement on the remote Isle of Jura. Rebuilt in the 1960s, they are the main employer on the island, which has fewer then 200 inhabitants.

In contrast, Dalmore sits on the edge of the village of Alness, looking over the Cromarty firth. In almost continuous production since its founding in 1839, it is now known for producing some of the most expensive and sought-after whiskies in the world.

Both are overseen by Whyte & Mackay master blender Richard Paterson, and his guiding hand has created award-winning ranges of whiskies spanning more than 100 years of production.

You can find a complete list of whisky producers who will be at the show on our exhibitors page.

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