• Alan Winchester

    Alan Winchester

    From a lowly start as a tour guide at Glenfarclas distillery, Alan Winchester has risen to hold one of the most sought-after positions in the whisky industry – master distiller for The Glenlivet. He started at the distillery in 1979 as a cooperage labourer and worked his way through cleaning to firing the still, brewing and then, in 2009, to be a master distiller.

    On the way, Alan has picked up a wealth of experience, which has made him one of the most knowledgeable distillers in Speyside. We look forward to welcoming him to The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show.

  • Andrew Nelstrop

    Andrew Nelstrop

    James Nelstrop, Andrew’s father, had a dream: his own distillery in England. A builder and farmer by trade, Andrew built the St George’s Distillery in 2006 in Norfolk, but soon realised that producing whisky was a full-time job. In 2007 he closed down his building company, the distillery its last project, and became the managing director of The English Whisky Company.

    Andrew sees his position as ‘dogsbody and accountant’, working closely with chief whisky maker David Fitt to ensure that the distillery produces the best whisky possible. However, as those who have met Andrew at tastings or at the distillery – which now receives more than 40,000 visitors a year – will attest, he is an enthusiastic brand ambassador for both English whisky and British spirits.

  • Brian Kinsman

    Brian Kinsman

    Born in West Lothian in 1972, Brian studied chemistry at The University of St Andrews, where he met his wife, Lisa. He graduated in 1994 with a first class honours degree and, whilst no formal qualification is required to be a Malt Master, his scientific background and pioneering outlook helps him understand the character of the whisky, the effect of maturation and the possibilities of an ageing whisky.

    Brian joined William Grant & Sons in 1997 and soon became an apprentice to David Stewart, Scotland's longest serving Malt Master. Working alongside David for eight years, Brian learned his craft an inherited a passion for whisky. In his role, Brian is responsible for continuing the legacy of William Grant's ambition to create 'the best dram in the valley'. He is in charge of everything from cask selection and overseeing the marrying process to the maturation process within the warehouses.


  • Eddie MacAffer

    Eddie MacAffer

    Born in his grandmother’s house in the village of Bowmore on Islay, Edward ‘Eddie’ MacAffer began his career at Bowmore in July 1966, aged just 18 years old. He has since had one of the most enduring and successful careers in Islay’s Scotch whisky history.

    Before this, Eddie joined the Merchant Navy in 1965, sailing between Greenock, Jamaica and British Guyana with cargoes of sugar. Following the British Seaman’s strike in 1966, Eddie returned to Islay and asked James McColl, then manager of Bowmore Distillery, for a position at the distillery. He started work in the warehouses.

    Working in almost every department of the distillery since then, from the malt barns to the stillhouse, Eddie has dedicated his life to producing excellent whiskies.

    His passion saw the distillery set a precedent for the procurement of top quality casks for maturation. This included Oloroso casks from Jerez, Spain which would eventually become a milestone in the story of one of the most collectable whiskies of all time – Black Bowmore. Arriving at Bowmore just two years after the iconic casks were laid down for maturation, Eddie has been an integral part of the Black Bowmore series from its infancy and will be pouring the second edition during his masterclass at The Whisky Show.

  • Ian Chang

    Ian Chang

    A graduate of Reading university, Ian returned to Taiwan and was part of the team who opened Kavalan in 2005. Along with his role as master distiller, he also travels the world as a brand ambassador, presenting the whiskies he has helped to create to whisky fans around the globe.

  • Martine Nouet

    Martine Nouet

    Martine Nouet was born in Normandy. Having nosed calvados from her childhood at family dinners, it was only natural that she kept the memory of those superb eaux-de-vie and progressed to broader spirits later in life.

    Currently living on Islay, home to some of Scotland’s most celebrated malts, she particularly enjoys writing about Scotch Whisky. Martine has pioneered a new trend in the world of whisky: the sensory idea of pairing whiskies with a suitable food counterpart.

    She is a specialist in matching food and whisky, and regularly hosts whisky dinners in France and in Scotland. She always, however, endeavours to take a new and dynamic approach to tasting, often exploring other pairing routes such as linking the tasting to art, music, or even fabric textures.

    Martine was bestowed the title of Master of The Quaich in April 2012. She will be signing her latest book 'à table, whisky from glass to plate'.

  • Matt Hoffman

    Matt Hoffman

    Matt Hoffman is not only the driving force behind production at Seattle’s Westland Distillery, but also a key member of the American Whiskey production scene. As a director of the American Craft Spirits Association, a founder of the American Single Malt Whiskey Commission, and a member of both the Institute of Brewing and Distilling and the American Society of Brewing Chemists, he both contributes to the science of whiskey making and helps guide and promote the American whiskey industry.

    Most recently, he was recognised as one of America’s ’30 under 30 tastemakers’ by Forbes Magazine and was the second distiller to be named a Rising Star by StarChefs magazine.

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