• Akashi


    Founded in 1888 on the shores of the Seto interior sea in the city of Akashi, is the Eigashima distillery, one of the oldest Sake producers (1679).

    In 1919, Eigashima was the first Japanese distillery to ever obtain its licence to produce whisky. Whisky consumption was entirely local until 1984. Built on the Scottish model, the distillery has been making sophisticated whiskies in small batches for more than 30 years. Apart from whiskies, Eigashima is also known for producing various types of liquors, namely sake and shochu. The company has even started to grow vines and makes its own wine. The distillery produces in small batches and produces its whiskies for only one month of the year.

  • Berry Bros. & Rudd

    Berry Bros. & Rudd

    While most people are familiar with Berry Bros & Rudd as a wine merchant, it’s perhaps less well known that they have also played an important role in the world of independent spirits bottling – especially Scotch Whisky and indeed Berry Bros & Rudd have a strong claim to be the oldest bottler still in existence.

    Founded in 1698 at No.3 St. James’s St, the business has been bottling spirits since the 18th century, most likely beginning with Cognac and other brandies.   While Berry Bros also offered Blended Whisky in the early 19th centuary, they were one of the first merchants to also offer non-proprietary bottlings of single malt...  If you were to walk into No.3 St James’s in 1909 you would have been presented with a price list featuring 1885 Talisker, then a triple distilled malt, or 1897 Macallan, the latter available by the gallon for 28 shillings!  

    Berry Bros have continued to bottle whisky, rum and cognac ever since, and now export globally under the Berrys Own Selection label.  Berry’s remain scrupulous in their cask selection and have been awarded the accolade of Independent Bottler of the Year twice."

  • Celtic Whisky Distillerie

    Celtic Whisky Distillerie

    Founded in 1997 by one of the leading pioneers of French Whisky, Jean Donnay, a lifelong fan of single malt scotch whisky and a regular visitor to Scotland’s leading distilleries.

    The Celtic Whisky Distillerie is one of France’s best-known distilleries and a pioneer of French Malt Whiskey. Its mission is to produce a malted barley whisky of uncompromising quality and authenticity.

    In 2020 The Celtic Whisky Distillerie was acquired by Maison Villevert and came under the stewardship 3rd generation distiller Jean-Sébastien Robicquet (founder of Maison Villevert, one of Frances leading premium Spirits distillers based in the heart of Cognac), the distillery has the goal to become the benchmark for French whisky while developing both its Breton footprint and its Celtic roots.

    Located by the sea, in Pleubian, in a unique environment facing the Island of Bréhat, Celtic Whisky Distillerie produces whiskies in the purest artisanal tradition using Alembic ‘Onion’ copper stills manufactured in Charente, used for centuries to produce the highest quality cognacs. Northern Brittany’s wind and coastal climate give the whiskies produced by the distillery a unique identity.

  • Diageo


    While Diageo only appeared in 1997, when Guinness and Grand Metropolitan merged, its history stretches back to the early days of modern whisky.

    Among the many mergers and acquisitions in the company's timeline, you can find the biggest names in whisky: The Distillers Company, United Distillers and Vintners, and, of course, John Walker and Sons. There are very few whisky companies who have not been touched by Diageo's forbears over the years, and when it comes to old and rare whisky, few have as much experience or stock as they do.

    At the show, we are delighted to welcome Diageo's brand ambassadors, who will be cracking open incredible bottles of whisky from days gone by. From old Islay to legendary Speysiders and old-school blends, they'll have something for everyone. Pop by to try great drams and learn more about the history of whisky with Scotland's largest producer.

  • Dingle


    Small. Artisan. Independent. Proud. Beag. Ceardaí. Neamhspleách. Bródúil.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident. Distilleries are not created equal, nor is the whiskey that flows from them.

    At Dingle Distillery, we have always had quality over quantity at the forefront of our thoughts. We never had any interest in distilling enormous quantities of bland whiskey. We are hugely passionate about flavoursome, well-crafted spirits.

    Dingle Distillery’s hugely anticipated Core Single Malt was released in 2021 and it’s #HereToStay

    This Core Single Malt release has been years in the making and comprises of malt whiskey that has been matured in ex-Bourbon, and PX sherry casks. 39% Bourbon, 61% PX Sherry. Bottled at 46.3% and non-chill filtered. This is a very interesting whiskey in which the component casks come to the fore at different stages.

  • Glendronach


    The distillery was founded in 1826, however was almost completely destroyed by fire 10 years later. It was rebuilt and has passed through a succession of owners, including the Grant family, Teacher’s and Pernod Ricard. In 2008, Glendronach was bought by The Benriach Company, the second distillery in its portfolio.

    The company's expertise was quickly put to use and thousands of pounds of sherry casks were purchased to finish and further mature the distillery's stocks. This led to a revamped sherry-focused range which has been attracting fans every since.

  • Isle of Raasay

    Isle of Raasay

    Co-founders Bill Dobbie and Alasdair Day first met in 2013 and formed R&B Distillers with the common goal of building Scotland’s leading artisanal distiller. Focusing on local production, provenance, quality and doing things differently. By 2015, they had identified the Isle of Raasay as providing the ingredients for the perfect dram, and revitalising the Isle of Raasay’s nineteenth-century Borodale House into a state-of-the-art distillery, visitor centre, and luxury accommodation was granted in 2016.

    Starting with a blank sheet of paper, they set about designing a distillery to create exceptional whisky that develops elegance, complexity, and depth early on in the maturation process that encapsulates Raasay’s style, character and impressive geological variety.

    Inspiration for the Isle of Raasay Single Malt came from some older styles of Hebridean single malts. Styles that had been lost through the ages and are not as prevalent anymore. This became the inspiration for the Isle of Raasay Distillery signature flavour profile: a lightly peated whisky, balanced with rich dark fruit flavours.

    Since its establishment in 2017, the Isle of Raasay Distillery has brought job opportunities to the island, worked closely with other local businesses and become embedded in the island’s tight-knit community. Part of the distillery’s ethos is to produce, mature, bottle and market every drop of spirit directly from the island. This seeks to maximise the influence of the island on the spirit, and the distillery on the island. To quote the inimitable Whisky Writer Dave Broom at our distillery opening: we are not just making alcohol, we are making spirit.

    The distillery now employs more than 25 people on the island; at least one of the employees is about to become a new parent too! An early indicator of creating inter-generational values; making sure this special island of 161 people continues to thrive.

  • J.J. Corry

    J.J. Corry

    Founded in 2016, JJ Corry are an old-fashioned company who practise what is now a lost art in the world of Irish whiskey – bonding.

    Once the regular way that whisky was matured and bottled, bonders bought casks from distillers and aged them in bonded warehouses, before vatting and bottling them under their own labels. JJ Corry is reviving this lost tradition, walking the path trodden by grocers and merchants of the past to create its own great whiskies.

  • Jack Daniel's

    Jack Daniel's

    Made in Lynchburg, Tennessee, Jack Daniel’s was founded in 1875. Old No.7 is the world’s best-selling American whiskey and the cult brand has a legion of fans.

    Sinatra’s love of Jack Daniel’s was recently acknowledged by the distillery with the release of Sinatra Select, made using special ‘Sinatra barrels’.

    Ironically, given it is home to one of the most famous whiskeys on the planet, Lynchburg is a dry county, and has been since the Prohibition era, which means that it is illegal to sell alcohol in any shop or restaurant within the town.

  • Never Say Die Bourbon

    Never Say Die Bourbon

    A combination of decades of distilling expertise, a careful selection of yeast strains and grain quality, and a never-before-seen final maturation in barrel across the Atlantic exposing Never Say Die to ocean air, humidity and temperature differentials offer a wholly unique flavour profile – blending traditional robust Bourbon notes with an adventurous twist.

    Never Say Die was co-founded by a team of trans-Atlantic partners with expertise in Bourbon supply chains, horseracing, PR and political campaigning, and an impressive history in distilling ultra-premium Bourbon. Never Say Die exists to embed the deep Kentucky links between horses and Bourbon, whilst personifying the historic relationship between England and the US. The Whiskey Show 2022 will be the brand’s first maiden race and will offer Bourbon lovers in England the very first opportunity to taste its unique flavours owing to its voyage, in barrel, across the Atlantic – the first Bourbon to make such a journey.

    Never Say Die Bourbon embraces the legacy of its infamous namesake. In 1951, in Lexington, KY, a foal had a rough birth and its life was in danger. Legendary horseman, John A. Bell III, was on site and poured a shot of whiskey down the throat of the struggling foal. Through the night, the horse made a dramatic recovery and was aptly named Never Say Die. Three years later Never Say Die won the biggest race in the world, the 175th running of the Derby Stakes at Epsom Downs (the Epsom Derby) at 33-1 odds, to become the first American-born horse to win the race in over 70 years.

  • Paul John Whisky

    Paul John Whisky

    Driven by the zest to break conventions, our Chairman Paul P John set out to penetrate the highest strata of the world of whisky to create a niche of his own, with the Paul John Indian Single Malts.

    The award-winning, Paul John Indian Single Malt has won over 200 prestigious international awards in a such a short space of time. The portfolio includes 3 flagship expressions – BRILLIANCE, EDITED and BOLD, 2 Select Cask expressions – CLASSIC and PEATED, and the occasional limited edition like the OLOROSO and the KANYA.

    From the sultry coasts of Goa, the Paul John Indian Single Malts are made from carefully chosen indigenous ingredients – 6-row barley, water, and yeast – that together create a brilliance of a different kind. Moreover, the tropical climate of the region provides the ideal temperature and ambiance for the whisky to mature to perfection. The culmination of the graceful union of art with science, the Paul John Indian Single Malts are made from a vigilantly watched process that starts with the mashing of grains, fermentation, distillation, maturation, vatting and finally bottling. Paul John Indian Single Malt is non-chilled-filtered and there are no additives.

  • Roe & Co.

    Roe & Co.

    George Roe & Co helped build the golden era of Irish whiskey in the 19th century. Their distillery at Thomas Street in Dublin extended over 17 acres and they were Ireland's largest exporter of whiskey. As neighbours for hundreds of years George Roe & Co and Guinness were the two biggest names at the heart of Dublin’s historic brewing and distilling quarter.

    The tower and the pear tree sit directly across from the famous St. James’s Gate Guinness Brewery as a reminder of George Roe’s former prominence in the city's life and now as a source of inspiration for the new whiskey.

    Roe & Co is at the heart of this new vibrancy, celebrating the memory of George Roe, a true pioneer who helped build the original golden era of Irish whiskey. Refined, elegant, and with remarkable depth, a masterful blend of rich Irish malt whiskey and the smoothest of grain whiskey aged in bourbon casks.

    Using her 30 years of experience, our Master Blender Caroline Martin has created a versatile, premium whiskey. Roe & Co is a luxuriously smooth blend with a perfect harmony between the intense fruitiness of malt and the mellow creaminess of the grain whiskies.

    Roe & Co is non-chill filtered and bottled at a higher than usual abv of 45%.

  • Sailor’s Home Irish Whiskey

    Sailor’s Home Irish Whiskey

    Sailor’s Home is an innovative, contemporary and premium Irish Whiskey brand from Limerick which consists of five expressions, linked by the desire to explore the boundaries of flavour. Crafted under the watchful eye of renowned Master Whiskey Maker Dr Jack Ó’Sé; Sailor’s Home is made in Ireland but shaped by the world, with its distinct flavours created using an adventurous approach to blending, ageing and finishing.

    Inspired by the original Sailor’s Home built in 1856, to reward seafarers on their journeys with the experience of home away from home, Sailor’s Home seeks to take drinkers on a new journey, with flavours that push the boundaries of what is expected of a premium Irish Whiskey.

    Sailor’s Home Irish Whiskey is inspired by the rugged and untamed Wild Atlantic Way on the Western coast of Ireland and the original Sailor’s Home built in 1856 as a welcoming shelter for the international community of seafarers travelling through the port of Limerick. Expressing our passion to explore and create new and delicious whiskey possibilities, Sailor’s Home is about the welcome, character, place, people and stories of Limerick. It’s about the West Coast of Ireland and our unique relationship with the sea. It’s about all those with the need to explore who respect tradition and paths well-travelled, whilst forging a new and innovative approach to Irish Whiskey that places taste above all.

  • Seven Seals

    Seven Seals

    The SEVEN SEALS Distillery AG is a small company in the innovative production and marketing of spirits! The main focus of the company is on whisky production.

    Headquartered in Stans (NW) in Switzerland, the company is committed to innovation in spirits production and outstanding quality.

    We are a whisky producer with a team that works with innovation, passion, and integrity towards a common goal: to offer our customers and consumer a unique product and innovation in spirits production!

    We are committed to simplifying the production of whisky in particular, shortening the time of production without sacrificing quality, aroma, and character, improving production ecologically and economically, and thus delighting and surprising our customers all over the world.

    We produce our own whisky called SEVEN SEALS.

    We develop, supervise and support whisky producers and whisky brands in the production of their products, focusing on speed, quality, and aroma!

    Seven Seals sets new limits especially in "finishing"! "Time doesn't matter" - time is by far not the main aspect of our finishing. "Taste matters" - the decisive factor is taste.

  • Slane Irish Whiskey

    Slane Irish Whiskey

    Our People
    The people of Slane have never done things by half. We break ground. We blaze trails. On this ancient land, a new religion was ignited. It’s where music was brought to the masses. And now it’s where Irish whiskey is perfected. Who would have thought you could turn a crumbling 250-year-old stable into
    one of Ireland’s most pioneering distilleries? We did. And then, well, we made it happen. And our whiskey? Created with the barrel-rising art and whiskey-making expertise of the Brown Family and born on the historic grounds of the Conyngham Family, our award-winning blend brings the legacies of two historic families together for generations to come.

    Our Place
    Slane Irish Whiskey was born in the legendary Boyne Valley. There could be no better setting in which to discover the nature of whiskey. Our rural setting is a sprawling tapestry of fertile land, wild countryside, and native woodlands surrounding the mythical River Boyne, the water source for our distillery.

    Our Commitment to Sustainability.
    Our ambition at Slane Distillery is to become a zero-waste facility. We actively promote biodiversity protection and enhancement and we engage, work with, and support our local community. We have embedded energy recovery and reduced water consumption and the capacity for onsite energy generation into our state-of-the-art distillery design while considering how we interact with and support our surrounding natural environment and the local community in which we live and work.

    Our Music Heritage.
    Slane Castle has been rockin’ out since 1981 and the Conyngham Family have welcomed many famous faces to their iconic home over the centuries. In addition to the world-renowned Slane Castle concerts that welcomed over a million music fans to the grounds, a chart-topping album was recorded in the castle.

  • The Irishman

    The Irishman

    Always Single Malt focused – whether championed in blends or pure Single Malt expressions. Always enriching the flavour, lengthening the depth, refining the smoothness. After all, everything comes back to the whiskey. It’s our pride and our focus. Every one a true original, triple distilled to leave a lasting impression.

    A tip of the hat to Ireland’s Golden Era of Irish Whiskey. Learning from the past to create the future. Rediscovering Irish Single Malts. Single Malt – that’s our heart.

  • Togouchi


    Togouchi is a high-end & artisanal Japanese whisky brand produced by Sakurao Brewery & Distillery, located in Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima prefecture.

    The company was founded in 1918 and has been producing sake and liquors for over 100 years. It started making whisky in 1990 when they created Togouchi. In 2018, the distillery expanded its facilities to meet bigger production needs with the growth of the Japanese whiskies to a wider global market.

  • Two Stacks Whiskey

    Two Stacks Whiskey

    Part of the new wave of Irish bonders & blenders, since their launch in early 2020.

    Two Stacks vision was to bring creative, transparent and innovative products to the market. With a release of 3 core whiskeys and several limited-edition expressions, alongside the world’s first whiskey served in 100ml can format dubbed Dram in a Can. Two Stacks have gone on to expand into over 20 export markets worldwide.

  • WhistlePig


    WhistlePig Farm sits on the edge of Shoreham, Vermont, and has been the base of operations of the company since it's 2008 founding. Starting with rye whiskey carefully sourced from Canada and later the USA, and now continuing with its own spirit produced on the farm, WhistlePig have made a name for bottling some incredible whiskeys.

    Led by master distiller Dave Pickerell and enthusiastic entrepreneur Raj Bhakta, WhistlePig has burst out of its Vermont home, with whiskey appearing on shelves around the world, picking up fans wherever it lands.

  • Wilderness Trail Distillery

    Wilderness Trail Distillery

    All Wilderness Trail products are handcrafted with precision focusing solely on a unique sweet mash process and producing consistent great tasting award winning spirits.

    Shane, a mechanical engineer and Pat, a PhD microbiologist and biochemist have more than 20 years of industry experience consulting and trouble shooting for distilleries around the world. Their wealth of experience has lead them to produce whiskey championing process that few other distilleries use; Infusion Mashing (cooking each grain in the mashbill at its optimum temperature), Clean Steam (Wilderness Trail is a chemical-free distillery), Sweet Mash (only fresh water, grains and yeast are used in the mashing/cooking process each time) and Low Barrel Entry Proof.

    All Wilderness Trail ingredients are 100 percent KY Proud®-sourced ingredients from a local seed farmer.

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