Habitation Bellevue, located in northern Martinique
Habitation Bellevue, located in northern Martinique

A Rum Family

In 1914, Gustave Crassous de Médeuil bought the J.M Distillery from the family of Jean-Marie Martin. The Crassous de Médeuil heirs have carried on the time-honored passion and tradition of making rum J.M


Rhum J.M grow and select their own sugarcane at Habitation Bellevue. Within one hour after the sugarcane has been cut, they crush it to extract fresh sugarcane juice for immediate fermentation. Freshness and purity is not a secret to make great rum but these simple details separate J.M rum from the rest of the rums of the world.


Each barrel is carefully selected to bring specific characters to their aged rum. Before being used, barrels are first charred by igniting high-proof rum inside the barrel. After the char has been scraped, new oak tannins are exposed, which deliver the barrel's character and the rich color they want in their aged rums. The aggressive tropical heat and humidity generate enormous losses of rum volume due to evaporation. Each year, the cellar master tops off the barrels with rum from the same vintage to preserve the specific character of each respective vintage. Following this tradition, J.M rums are at the same pace and the flavors gradually 


Located in northern Martinique at the foot of Mount Pelée, Habitation Bellevue benefits from a tropical climate and particularly rich and fertile volcanic soil excellent for the cultivation of exceptional sugarcane. J.M's sugarcane grow up the face of the volcano on the exposed to the tropical sea breezes, which are important to ventilate the sugarcane.


Rhum J.M distill their rum in two traditional Creole copper stills at a mellow 72% to capture the natural floral aromas and rich fruity flavors of our sugarcane.


Rhum J.M has the exclusive benefit to use pure volcanic spring water rich in minerals sourced from the bowels of Mount Pelée. The the purity of the water is a key contributor to the quality of Rum J.M.

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