Nestled in the Lluidas Vale, this is Worthy Park Estate
Nestled in the Lluidas Vale, this is Worthy Park Estate

The Worthy Park Estate has remained this way since it’s inception in 1670. It was gifted to Lt. Francis Price for his services to Cromwell during the English capture of the island from the Spanish in 1655. It has expanded since then through the acquisition of neighboring properties.

Commercial production of cane and sugar began in 1720 and has continued unabated until this day. Since then it has only been under ownership by three families and has been in the hands of the Clarke family since 1918.

Of the over 10,000 acres of land approximately 40% of the land is currently in sugar cultivation. There are as many as 20 cane varieties growing, however, most acreage is of the top three performers.

While the traditional and preferred method of harvesting cane is by hand, for the past 20 years Worthy Park has also used combine cane harvesters to assist in the daily supply of cane to the sugar factory.

All rum produced in the distillery needs molasses; and all Worthy Park's molasses comes from their very own sugar factory just 1km from the distillery.

In 2004 the Clarke family decided that there was room for another Jamaican rum, made with quality ingredients in a perfect contrast by distilling in the Traditional Jamaican Pot-Still method, however with efficiency and state-of-the-art equipment.

In 2005, the newest distillery was complete and by 2007, the flagship brand of Rum-Bar Rum was launched and has forever changed the Jamaican rum industry.

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