Michael Henry, master blender
Michael Henry, master blender

Michael Henry first became interested in the drinks industry whilst studying for his A-Levels, when he would brew his own beer at home. This interest in brewing combined with science background led Michael to complete Heriot Watt University’s respected brewing and distilling degree. He gained his first taste of distilling working at Bushmills Distillery while studying, before taking jobs at the Bass brewery in Belfast and Tennent’s brewery in Glasgow.

Michael returned to spirits when he moved to Loch Lomond Group in 2007, feeling he would have greater influence over the process of blending and creating whiskies at an independent distiller.

As a master blender at Loch Lomond, Michael's duties are wider than most whisky makers. He begins his day going over cooperage and distillery operations, with afternoons dedicated to the spirit: nosing, selecting casks and developing new whiskies. The wide range of styles of whisky created at the distillery mean that there's always something new to investigate.

Having previously worked in brewing, Michael’s technical understanding of flavour generation during fermentation has benefited him greatly in his whisky blending role at Loch Lomond. His experience has helped Loch Lomond Group become one of the most interesting producers in Scotland, and we look forward to welcoming him to The Whisky Show.

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