Distilled at the Caol Ila and matured for at least 7 years in ex-bourbon hogsheads. 600 bottles.

Nose: Rich damp peat and smouldering peat smoke, over a layer of salted lemons and pine. Minty touches mingle with rough seas and rock pools.

Palate: Sweet to start, with coal dust bitterness lurking in the background. Liquorice notes build with fragrant pine. The pine then smoulders, with a grind of black pepper and a hint of tar.

Finish: Mint and barley sugar fade to menthol and burnt pine.


Distilled at the Balblair and matured for at least 19 years in an ex-bourbon barrel. 171 bottles.

Nose: Apple sauce and liquorice fade away to reveal sugar-coated almonds, hazelnut hints and a touch of cooked green capsicum. Sweeter notes float on top: candy bracelets and honeysuckle.

Palate: Royal icing and granny smith apples with a touch of char and more meadow notes: flowers and sweet grass. Grippy apple skin sits at the sides, surrounding a pool of orchard fruit.

Finish: Very floral to start, fading away to leave the sugared almonds from the nose. Then a burst of sweet, buttery pastry rolls across the palate and candied notes linger.


Distilled at the Miltonduff and matured for at least 17 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead. 276 bottles.

Nose: Crunchy apples and pears with pear drops and fizzy apple sweets. Hints of vanilla peek out around the edges, along with sweet biscuit notes and a handful of plump sultanas.

Palate: Sweet and sour apples are wrapped around a core of buttery biscuit. More of the sultanas from the nose   develop along with a sprinkling of soft spice. Darker notes of caramel and cinder toffee sit underneath – tarte tatin with a topping of zesty fruit.

Finish: Fruit quickly disappears, leaving oaky spice, more biscuits and a touch of raisin.


Distilled at the Clynelish and matured for at least 21 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead. 251 bottles.

Nose: Meadow flowers and chalky candy – both zesty Love Hearts and sweet candy sticks – with a touch of sugared almond and candied lemon. Wax-polished tables and dried apple rings follow, with apple sponge cake as support. Grassy notes build with time in the glass: fresh hay becomes freshly cut grass.

Palate: Soft and very creamy to start, with banana and apple giving balanced sweet and sharp notes. Aniseed spice builds up behind, closely followed by soft hazelnut and almond nuttiness. That wave breaks, revealing a floral core dripping with slightly salted butter and toffee.

Finish: Long but gentle: floral notes fade to leave sweet cream sprinkled with clove and nutmeg.


Distilled at the Glenrothes and matured for at least 27 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead. 204 bottles.

Nose: Rich orchard fruit compote, sprinkled with spice and stewed down to leave gentle acidity. Pear drops and real pears sit against both freshly sliced and dried apples, all on a bed of spicy baked apple.

Palate: It starts with a burst of sugary sweetness and a layer of orchard fruit. Spice builds around the sides, with buttered pastry and soft char through the middle. Sultanas and peach rise through the centre before the darker, spicy notes roll in.

Finish: Sweet and biscuity with plump and singed raisins. Sweetness lingers, balanced by soft charcoal notes.


Distilled at the Glentauchers and matured for at least 19 years in an ex-bourbon barrel. 152 bottles.

Nose: Apple blossom, white peach, barley sugar and crunchy icing. Pear drops notes grow, accompanied by more peachy notes. Candied flavours sit underneath: tins of travel sweets and glacier fruits.

Palate: Creamy in texture and flavour, with soft vanilla and whipped cream followed by fresh but slightly underripe plums and hot cinnamon spice. The heat dies away and mineral notes peek out from behind, with fruit boiled sweets, candied lemons and wine gums.

Finish: Floral notes appear and then disappear, replaced by spun sugar. Peach and pear develop, with touches of dark, oaky spice.

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