Luca Gargano and Sukhinder Singh
Luca Gargano and Sukhinder Singh

Two spirits. Two experts. 60 minutes.

Join whisky and rum ambassador Stef Holt as she MCs a showdown between whisky and rum. In the whisky corner is Whisky Exchange co-founder Sukhinder Singh, and for rum we have Velier president and rum expert Luca Gargano. They'll each be bringing a selection of bottlings that show why their spirit is the best, but in the end only you can decide...

Whichever triumphs, in the end it'll be a win for great-tasting spirits!

Are you a whisky fan who wants to learn more about rum? This is the perfect opportunity, with Luca and Sukhinder going head to head to show us the similarities and differences between these two spirits.

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