Pairing whisky with cigars is a long-running tradition – they are natural companions. However, a cigar changes its flavour as it is smoked, so a whisky that is a perfect match at the beginning may not be by the end. Join The Whisky Exchange's Diego Lanza and Hunters & Frankau's Dan Pink and Jimmy McGhee to explore how the flavours of a cigar change over time and how to pair whiskies with each stage.

In this class, they will be matching the Glengoyne range – 10 Year Old, 18 Year Old and 21 Year Old – with a Vegas Robaina Famosos.

We will also be tasting Chicchi di Cafe chocolates from Rococo, to add coffee and chocolate flavours to the class.

Since 1845, the Robaina family has farmed tobacco on its vegas (fields) at Cuchillas de Barbacoa, situated in the San Luis district of the Vuelta Abajo tobacco zone.

Vegas Robaina cigars were introduced in 1997 as a tribute to Cuban tobacco farmers and legendary farmer Don Alejandro Robaina – in his day, he had an incredible reputation for producing the finest wrapper leaves. The brand honours all the anonymous tobacco growers whose knowledge and skill make Havanas what they are today.

The Famosos is a sturdy shape, a shade longer yet slightly thinner than a robusto, that draws well. It is considered by many to be Vegas Robaina's outstanding vitola and is medium-full in strength.

The Line-up

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