Tickets go on sale Tuesday 9 July 2019 at 2pm BST
You must also have a Sunday ticket to Whisky Show to attend this masterclass

The past two decades have seen Japanese whisky rise from being relatively unknown to the hottest spirit on the planet. Three companies have been at the forefront of that explosion: Nikka, Suntory and Venture Whisky. We are very pleased to welcome the whisky makers behind each of the three to Whisky Show for this very special tasting. 

Shinji Fukuyo has been working at Suntory for 35 years. He's led the Suntory whisky blending team since 2006 and been lead blender across the company since 2009. 

Tadashi Sakuma is Nikka's chief blender and the man responsible for all of the whisky and other spirits produced by the company. 

Ichiro Akuto is the founder of Chichibu, owner of Venture whisky and former manager of fabled lost distillery Hanyu.

Dave Broom will be on hand to host the tasting and lend his expertise to the mix.

Details of the whiskies they will be bringing will follow soon...

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