While Scotland is home to many master blenders, Japanese whisky makers have honed the skill even further and Shinji Fukuyo is one of the masters of the craft. Having travelled to Scotland to learn from the best, he took his skills back to Japan to direct the whisky blending department at Suntory. His work has not gone unnoticed and his creations have been at the forefront of the rise of Japanese whisky over the past 10 years.

Shinji has chosen a selection of cask samples for us, highlighting the different styles of whisky available to the team at the Yamazaki distillery. Not only will these show the different types of wood being used at the distillery, but there will also be a rare chance to try whisky matured in Japanese oak – Mizunara – on its own. Bottlings of Mizunara-matured whisky from the distillery now sell for thousands of pounds and are becoming even more scarce by the day. The tasting will finish with a secret whisky, specially selected for this masterclass.

The line-up will be:

  • Yamazaki Spanish oak cask sample - unseasoned
  • Yamazaki Spanish oak cask sample - seasoned
  • Yamazaki Japanese Mizunara oak ‘young’ cask sample
  • Yamazaki Japanese Mizunara oak ‘reasonable age’ cask sample
  • Yamazaki Japanese Mizunara oak ‘very old’ cask sample
  • A Secret Bottling...

While the chance to try three Mizunara-matured whiskies and compare them to both Spanish and American oak matured drams, this is also an incredible opportunity to learn about blending from one of the true masters of the art.

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