American whiskey is awash with tales of the people who started it all, larger than life figures who defined today’s whiskey.

William Larue Weller – a pioneer of the whiskey industry in the 1800s. Maker of ‘Honest whiskey at an honest price’, his company merged with Pappy van Winkle’s A Ph Stitzel Distillery to form the legendary Stitzel-Weller Distillery.

George T Stagg – one of the great whiskey salesman of all time. The distillery he helped build was renamed the George T Stagg distillery in 1904. It changed its name again twenty years ago – it is now the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Thomas H Handy – the Sazerac is a cocktail with a muddled history, but in the 1870s the owner of The Sazerac Coffee House in New Orleans starting making them with rye whiskey instead of Cognac. His name: Thomas H Handy.

Three names that shaped American whiskey more than a century ago. To this day, Buffalo Trace still honours these legendary figures with its annual Antique Collection.

Join Drew Mayville, master blender at Buffalo Trace as he guides you through the history of this great distillery, while tasting some of his favourite whiskeys since starting at the distillery. The line up includes the first bottling of William Larue Weller that the distillery bottled and Jim Murray's Whisky of the Year 2013 - Thomas H Handy 2011.


The Line-Up

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