What's in a number - with Serge Valentin 

Join Serge Valentin and Dawn Davies as they talk you through scoring and how to assess whisky.

Terroir of the Cellar

The terroir of the cellar is very important in the ageing process.  Understand what effect it has and why, as we look at the famous cellars of Cognac, the humid ones of the Far East and the heartland of bourbon country.

Legislation: help or hindrance?

Is legislation there to protect or does it stifle innovation? Hear from three experts for whom the legislation is very important and why.

Good sulphur v Bad sulphur

What is sulphur, what does it do and why do we love and hate it? Join Stuart Harvey, Stuart Morrison, Maggie Campbell and Dawn Davies to geek out with a sulphur heavy session in all the right ways.

Sustainability and the Scotch Industry.

Sustainability is top of everyone's agenda - find out how the whisky world is tackling this head-on with Annabel Thomas, Alex Bruce, Douglas Taylor and Dawn Davies

Yield vs. Flavour - Can We Not Have Both?

We think maximum yield means minimum flavour, or does it?

The Long Death of Blends

Are blends dead in the water or is there still life in the old dog yet? Join Dave Broom, Tom Jones, John Glaser and Sandy Hyslop as they talk innovation and activation in blending today.

Whisky Terroir - A Con?

Can spirits have Terroir or is it all just talk?  With Dawn Davies, Steve Olson, Daniele Biondi, Annabel Thomas and Nick Morgan, this could get interesting folks!

One of the Greatest Whisky Collections in the world.

A one of a kind chance to tour The Whisky Exchange’s Co-founder, Sukhinder Singh’s private collection. A truly incredible sight, Sukhinder will take you through some of his favourites along with a few gems sure to entice all whisky lovers.

Mickey Heads - looking back at 13 years of Ardbeg

For 13 years Mickey Heads has watched over Ardbeg as Distillery Manager. This year on the 1st of October he retires.  This is an amazing opportunity to hear from a legend of the whisky world one more time.

Provenance of the Casks

Where you source your cask, what was in it before and how it was made are crucial in selecting a cask and its quality. Let’s talk wood with people who think wood matters - with Ken Forrester, Olivier Humbrecht, John Glaser, Dr Magali Picard,  Dave Broom and Dawn Davies.

Innovation and Scotch Whisky

Is Scottish whisky standing still or is it moving forward? Take a look behind the scenes to see what is really happening with Ian Palmer, Richard Cowley, Brendan McCarron and Dave Broom.

Passing the baton - Whyte & Mackay

Join some of our favourite whisky legends to see how they are training up the future makers and the process of handing over a legacy - with Richard Patterson and Gregg Glass.

The good, the bad and the beautiful - Ambassadors we love

Have fun draming around with some of our favourite whisky ambassadors, Georgie Bell, Stewart Buchanan and Colin Dunn - this will not be boring!

Ones to Watch - southern hemisphere

Who are the new kids on the block making waves in the wonderful world of whisky? Join Rachel Thomson from Thomson Whiskies NZ, Andrew Fitzgerald and Ben Bowles from Gospel Distillery for our ones to watch.

Ireland - the land of innovation.

Ireland is definitely the land of innovation at the moment. Join three Irish legends to find out why the Emerald Isle is blazing a trail.

America - ones to watch

Mark Gillespie talks to some of the ones to watch on the American whisky scene

Rum and The Raw Material - with Luca Gargano

What you produce your spirit from has a huge impact on the final flavour join the king of rum himself Luca Gargano as he talks sugarcane.

Appleton - the Jamaican way

Join the Lady of Rum herself Joy Spence and Dawn Davies to understand just why this Jamaican distillery is so iconic

The New Colour of Rum

Join Dawn Davies, Daniele Biondi and Angelo Canessa as they take a look at the new wave of 'white ' rums coming to the market and why they are bringing a kaleidoscope of flavours to our cocktails.   

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